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Inspired: Lists

There are lots of ways to be inspired.

As a writer, I'm often inspired by other writers and I want to know their methods for creativity and motivation.

Continuing my series on being inspired by other authors, I’m taking a page from Marilynne Robinson.

Writing Inspiration Ideas #3

Marilynne Robinson Inspirational Activity: Keep a running list of figurative language

Marilynne Robinson’s inspiration for Housekeeping came from a series of metaphors she randomly wrote during her Ph.D. After her dissertation, she “read through the stack of metaphors and they converged in a way I hadn’t expected.”

Marilynne specifically made lists of metaphors, but why stop there?

I’d like to strive to make lists of sayings I hear spoken by the general public—I often hear some hilarious expressions I’d never think of on my own. I’d like a list of words I like hearing out loud, speaking out loud, etc.

Lists of descriptions for common expres