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Inspired: Observation

There are lots of ways to be inspired.

As a writer, I'm often inspired by other writers and I want to know their methods for creativity and motivation.

Writing Inspiration Ideas #2

Continuing this series of inspired author sources, I’m taking notes from Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket, by focusing on Observation.

Daniel Handler Inspirational Activity: Don’t overlook the ordinary

Daniel Handler gets most of his ideas, he says, by noticing everyday things and considering them in a different way. He says, “I’ll have some idea or see something or an event will strike me in a certain way. I’ll string it along immediately and think of where it could lead and where it could go. I think of a story.”

As a writer, I’m often in my head or in a story. Because observation is a double-edged sword for a mind like mine, (observe, daydream—pulled out of present to think of story idea..etc) I’d like to take this concept a smidge further and throw in mindfulness.

I’ve been working on being more mindful, and it requires (from me) more effort to stay in the moment, appreciate experiencing something, and observe.