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Inspired: Collection

There are lots of ways to be inspired.

As a writer, I'm often inspired by other writers and I want to know their methods for creativity and motivation.

Writing Inspiration Ideas #1

To start off my series of blogs about how Inspiring Writers Inspire, I'm looking at Ransom Riggs--first of all the name is cool. (I feel like Ransom's mom should get some credit for her kid being so cool, nice name choice).

Ransom Riggs

Inspirational Activity: Start a collection

Ransom Riggs first started collecting old photographs as a kid because he loved photography, but he couldn’t afford prints of his own. Soon, he noticed a pattern in the photos he was collecting (“Edward Gorey-esque Victorian creepiness,” he calls it) which sparked an idea for a book (not necessarily fiction) about the photographs. His editor at the time suggested he make it fiction (which he had never written before), and thus was born Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

Personally, all my collecting centers around fandoms--Star Wars, Harry Potter, LOTR, etc. I need to branch out my collection interests.

My kids have rock and paper collections, I'm worried they're a scissors collection away from driving me to scrap and rubble insanity.

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