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15 Mindful Writing Prompts for Journals

Do you journal? Journaling not only helps practice writing, it helps with self-care. Here are 15 mindful writing prompts for journals:

What would I change about today?

Where did I perform best today?

How did I meet a need today?

Whose day did I improve and how?

Why I chose to _____________ today.

If today was a dream, what would happen when I wake up?

Which popular song represents my day and why?

If I’m the sidekick in my best friend’s story, how can I support them reaching their happy ending?

If today was a part of a show, movie, or series, which part am I in?

When I treat myself well, it looks and feels like?

What do I wish my best friends did to support my happy ending?

If I was a member of a secret club, what would be our purpose and when would we meet?

What would happen if I was stranded on an island with the five people I saw most outside my family today?

Which five people would I pick to be stranded on an island with?

What could I have done to improve today? What can I do to start tomorrow better?

Aften Brook Szymanski is the author of the YA Science Fiction novel Cheat Code. Player GenE competes in a high-stakes virtual reality game where winning grants eternal life but losing means death. Click here to find out more about Cheat Code.

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