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Little Known Facts About Writers

Writers challenge themselves in all areas of life.

I've noticed this while building friendships with writers all over the globe of different genres and age ranges.

What people think writers do all day:

Most of my friends create beautiful artwork for book covers and home display, crochet/knit amazing and functional items, quilt, bike competitively, build out of wood or cardboard or anything, run, hunt/fish, boldly shave their womanly heads for no other reason that to be brave and beautiful in their own way, and work full and part time jobs.

I've challenged myself to be mindful of how I balance my life.

These challenges aren't things I set out to do consciously, which might have made them that much cooler, but things I realize ground my life in balance and rich experiences that most, if not all, authors see at every opportunity.

Athletic challenge

I haven't been a runner since my first child was born.

I try to stay in shape, but distance running seemed like a waste of time and energy.

Challenge accepted.

Writer Athletic Challenge